Insight Coaching with the Resilience Program

Find your missing peace.

Ditch chronic stress and self-doubt.
Gain confidence in your decisions.
Advance your nursing career by advancing your life.

Advancing Holistic Health offers online courses, executive coaching, and institutional consulting for nurses and health care leaders seeking a better way to work and live.

Online Coaching for the Future of Health Care

Advancing Holistic Health’s Online Coaching Program is the foundation for the future of health care.


Become nationally certified in both Holistic Nursing & Nurse Coaching.


Find out why nurses say these are the most important CE’s they’ve ever taken.



Ready for less stress, more compassion, better decision-making, and actually feeling satisfied with your work?

Access your full potential by becoming a nationally certified Nurse Coach and/or Holistic Nurse with our signature 4-course certificate program:

Healing The Whole Person

Healing The Whole Person

Courses 101-104 are:
  • Online and self-paced for complete flexibility
  • Approved courses for certification as a:
    • Nurse Coach and/or
    • Holistic Nurse
  • Certified by the California Board of Registered Nursing
    • 80 CE hours (*CNE)
  • Taught by experienced nurse leaders:
    • Lyn McCright & Teresa Walding
    • Over 30 years of experience

At the heart of our program are the principles of resilience, insight, and how to look within to thrive in your career and life. You already have everything you need. Let us help you realize it.


Individual Executive Nurse Coaching

Invest in yourself with dialogue-based coaching to transform your mindset and achieve your professional goals. With tools like deep listening, asking specific questions, and providing a catalyst for your own insight, our personal coaching is a powerful tool to help nurses in leadership positions or aspiring leaders move past professional and personal barriers to level up.

Institutional Consulting

Bring better communication, job satisfaction, and employee retention to your healthcare organization. Our custom training and consulting is based on experiential learning that transforms the workplace by connecting health professionals with their unique skills and innate gifts.


Treat your audience to an engaging, high-impact keynote address for your next healthcare sector event with relevant topics like preventing burnout, relationship-building, teamwork, civility, and communication.

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What our students say

“Lyn and Teresa are compassionate, conscientious mentors. They are flexible…working with me and my schedule which greatly reduced stress, making the journey towards certification relaxed and enjoyable. The Three Principles have not only greatly benefited my professional journey but have made a huge influence in my personal life and relationships.”

Pamela Pickering-Anderson, Holistic Registered Nurse and Nurse Coach


“It’s been really really powerful and very moving. It’s gotten me to places I was hoping to get to, and maybe didn’t know I could get to.”

Dr. Anne Curtis, Advancing Holistic Health coaching student


“What I have found through the course work is the innate ability to stay more centered all of the time. I stay clear in my thought processes and move forward. Periods of challenge don’t really exist any more, it’s just one transition from moment to moment, life event to life event, and it allows me to look at things more realistically, choose better paths to more focused outcomes, and enjoy the life ride.”

Isabel Bruce, BSN-RN, NC-BC


Lynn McCright, RN, APRN, MPH, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC, Instructor

Lyn McCright


Lyn is the owner and Program Director of Advancing Holistic Health Coaching Program. She is an Adult and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Nurse Coach and Wellness Nurse Coach. She’s been coaching for over 30 years and is passionate about teaching the Principles of The Resilience Paradigm to her fellow nurses.

Teresa Walding, RN, BSN, NC-BC, Instructor

Teresa Walding


Teresa Walding is an RN, Board Certified Nurse Coach, and faculty member of Advancing Holistic Health. As a nurse, she’s worked in the ICU, rehabilitation and psychiatric units, pediatric home health, and post-anesthesia recovery. She experienced profound personal changes from the Principles of the Resilience Paradigm and is honored to help others discover the benefits for themselves.


It is a joy to welcome you to the new holistic health system as we create it together. The idea of a holistic health approach is simple—to treat the whole person—but the benefits are vast.

By working with Advancing Holistic Health as a student and mentee, you can expect to gain:

  • Significant reduction in stress in all areas of life
  • The ability to assist others with rapid relief from suffering
  • Skills to coach others as they develop into more conscious, compassionate people
  • An opportunity to positively impact and instill confidence in yourself and your clients

Advancing Holistic Health is a Continuing Nursing Education provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

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