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Lyn McCright


Lyn McCright, RN, APRN, MPH, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC is the owner and director of Advancing Holistic Health Coaching Program. She is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coach and Advanced Holistic Nurse (American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation). With an MPH in Nursing from the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health, she is an Adult and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, and a Clinical Specialist in Community Health Nursing. Lyn received her BSN at the University of Arkansas Medical Center (now UAMS).

She began coaching more than 30 years ago, teaching resilience based on the Principles of The Resilience Paradigm in her private practice in Monterey, Calif. She later founded Health Consulting and Lyn McCright Consulting in Texas.

Lyn’s nursing experience includes working as a medical-surgical staff nurse, and in ICU-CCU, nursing education, public health, and as a supervisor in home health and hospice. She has also been a clinical instructor in the School of Nursing at the University of Texas at El Paso. She is currently a member of the American Nurses Association, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Texas Nurse Practitioners, and chapter leader of the Central Texas Chapter of AHNA.

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Teresa Walding


Teresa Walding RN, BSN, Nurse Coach–Board Certified, is a faculty member of Advancing Holistic Health coaching program. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Boise State University. In her early career, she worked as an ICU charge nurse, and a head nurse in rehabilitation and psychiatric units. Other experience includes working as a staff nurse, previously in pediatric home health, and currently in post-anesthesia recovery.

In the field of nursing, Teresa has been an entrepreneur, a presenter, a teacher and a bedside clinician. As a holistic nurse, she has studied and used a variety of complementary and alternative modalities for nearly two decades.

Teresa is the first graduate of Advancing Holistic Health coaching program, and she has successfully completed the Board Certification Exam in Nurse Coaching through AHNCC in 2016. Since 2011, she has served as the co-leader of the Central Texas Chapter of The American Holistic Nurses Association.

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Dr. Keith Blevens

Keith Blevens, Ph.D., is a nationally known healthcare speaker and innovator. He has been a licensed clinical psychologist for forty years. As an educator holding degrees from Indiana University (B.A.) and Texas Tech University (Ph.D.), he has served on the staff of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Waco, Texas and been Director of Psychological Services at Baylor University. He has taught for the Northwest Center for Medical Leadership and been treatment team lead for The Rape Treatment Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. He has taught classes and served on Doctoral Research Committees at nine universities.

Dr. Blevens has pioneered the development of the “3 Principles Paradigm” and the “Resilience Paradigm” based upon the discoveries and teaching of Sydney Banks.

His career has involved the training and development of health care, mental health care, and business professionals. He has trained nurses in Florida and Minnesota and professionals in many states, as well as several foreign countries including Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and Israel.

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