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Transforming the Landscape of Dementia Care: The TDI Model

The dementia care sector is undergoing a seismic shift. The Transactional Dementia Intelligence SM or TDI Model SM has arrived as a revolutionary new paradigm centered on compassion, communication, and cultural transformation. Is your organization ready to catch this wave and ride it into the future?

Developed by visionary elder advocate Dr. Ethelle Lord, TDI flips the script on traditional dementia care models. At its heart, the approach honors the fact that our shared humanity endures regardless of cognitive decline. However, expressing this humanity requires a fundamental overhaul of previous modus operandi.

From organizational structure to frontline interactions, TDI propagates dignity, relationships, and human potential. This benefits care providers and recipients equally. Early adopters are already seeing game-changing outcomes.

So how does it work? TDI trains all staff in specialized expertise on supporting those with dementia. This imparts “dementia intelligence SM ” – how to engage creatively as logic fades and intuition flourishes. Caregivers learn to validate emotions, redirect behaviors compassionately, and foster meaningful bonds within each interaction or “transaction.” The use of the term transactional indicates that for the first time, dementia patients are truly listened to—and can respond to—using a dialect caregiver and patient both understand.

The magic lies in a pioneering new role – the Dementia Coach. This supervisor oversees organization-wide adoption of TDI, provides ongoing training and support, and ensures protocol compliance. Revenue previously leaked via staff turnover is reinvested into ever-elevating care practices.

The Dementia Coach will have two certifications—one as a board-certified nurse coach and two as a Dementia Certified Coach. A nurse coach is a highly skilled and certified registered nurse who combines clinical expertise with coaching skills to empower individuals and communities to achieve their full health potential. They serve as guides, mentors, and advocates, facilitating transformative conversations that foster insights into personal health and well-being, ultimately helping clients and families take charge of their health and lead more fulfilling lives. Nurse coaches play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between healthcare and holistic well-being, creating positive change in the lives of those they serve. As a Dementia Coach, the nurse will have the additional skill of helping staff and families know what to expect and how to interact with a patient with dementia.

For executives, TDI offers a roadmap to align policies with uplifted culture. Leadership can delegate hands-on oversight to Coaches and focus more wholly on strategy. At all levels, employees feel invested in purpose-driven work tailored to individuals, not just clinical metrics. The result? Dignity rises, burnout plummets.

Does this sound like a care utopia? That’s because it is. TDI builds caregiver expertise, forges profound connections, and elevates the quality of life for all involved. Providers gain an advantage in a disrupted industry. People living with dementia benefit from devoted relationships. Family support expands.

The dementia landscape will keep evolving. Mounting cognitive decline means a higher demand for uplifted holistic care. TDI offers the definitive blueprint for success amidst this change. Organizations that embrace Dr. Lord’s transformative paradigm today will flourish into the future.

The Writing is on the wall. Transactional Dementia Intelligence represents the future of uplifted caregiving. Providers who ride this wave will transform lives while bolstering their own sustainability. Those who hesitate will watch the tide of change wash past them. How will your organization adapt?

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