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The Gift of Coaching

Happy Holidays! Many of us look forward to this time of year as a time to slow down and appreciate each other. A time of connection, making memories, and expressions of love and gratitude. Here at Advancing Nurse Coaching, we have been on a journey of discovery and transformation. Through our coursework, we have had … Read more

Nurse Coaching and The Resilience Principles Paradigm

Nurse coaches using the Resilience Principles Paradigm are looking in the direction of Innate Health and mental well-being. Taught through a framework of 7 Implication, 3 Principles, and 1 Paradigm gives us the simplicity to point to the foundation of human experience. We can count on this framework like gravity; it doesn’t change even when … Read more

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The Power of Presence

Presence is the most important variable in any interaction. A busy mind detracts from presence. Presence is being in the now. When you focus on the present moment, you give your client your full attention. Presence has a feeling of connection. Presence is: non-judgmental a single moment a single activity deep listening alignment with the … Read more

Texas Nurse Practitioners 34th Annual Conference 2022

Event dates: September 22 – 25, Round Rock, Texas TNP Annual Conference 2022 Lyn McCright & Teresa Walding will be presenting at this event at the Kalahari Resort. The event is organized by the Texas Nurse Practitioners and full information is available on their website: TNP 34th Annual Conference

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Dancing in the Moment

What the Resilience Principles Paradigm Does for Us Your mind is perfectly designed for success – It has a built-in capacity for Insight & Understanding. They bring a sense of purpose and direction Effectiveness and efficiency An increased capacity to articulate insights Increased state of awareness The capacity to feel joy, confidence, and wellbeing Increased … Read more

American Holistic Nurses Association 42nd Annual Conference

Event dates: June 6-11, 2022 in Albuquerque, New Mexico International Event by AHNA. Teresa Walding, BSN, RN, NC-BC, & Lyn McCright, RN, APRN, MPH, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC are presenting workshops: 22. The Superpower of the Principles to Decrease Stress 31. Research Papers 2, session C. Resilience in Nurse Coaching Students 87. Advancing Nurse Coaching – The … Read more