Holistic Health Certificate

Nurse Coaching Certification

Upon completion of 60 holistic course contact hours and 60 hours of coaching through our course series, Healing the Whole Person, students are eligible to receive the Advancing Nurse Coaching certificate and sit for the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) exams to become a Certified Holistic Nurse and/or Nurse Coach.

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Why Pursue Certification? 

  • Receive professional recognition for your competence and expertise. 
  • Enhance your credibility with clients and colleagues. 
  • Market your services with confidence.
  • Enjoy institutional and professional recognition. Enrich your career with continued learning and personal development. 

Holistic Nurses and Nurse Coaches promote health, wellness, and wellbeing as they facilitate their clients’ growth and healing. Both certifications offer nurses a way to distinguish themselves as experts in nursing practice, education, and research.

Certification Process

Advancing Nurse Coaching Certificate:

  • Requests for certification may be made upon completion of coursework and with proof of coaching hours submitted to faculty members.
  • Qualified coaching hours are included in the cost of tuition.
    • Supervision beyond course completion may be arranged privately.

Holistic Nurse and Nurse Coach certification: see the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation website for more information. 

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