Dancing in the Moment

What the Resilience Principles Paradigm Does for Us

Your mind is perfectly designed for success – It has a built-in capacity for Insight & Understanding.

  • They bring a sense of purpose and direction
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • An increased capacity to articulate insights
  • Increased state of awareness
  • The capacity to feel joy, confidence, and wellbeing
  • Increased compassion and kindness with self and others
  • Flexibility and capacity to listen softly
  • And the increased capacity to dance in the moment.

Nurse Coaches who use the Resilience Principles as their foundation create change with 7 Implications, 3 Principles, & 1 Paradigm

  • When realized, you become the proud owners of their own thoughts.
  • One Insight, In the Moment can change your world.
  • Our own understanding is all we CAN share.

When you are coming from this place within each of us, everything else comes into alignment too.

From here, everything gets easier. It is as if we finally have a reason to be here. Doing the work we’re doing, helping the people we are called to help, and loving the people we are meant to love.

What we are about now is that we are seeing THE SHIFT of how the transformation will take place. In fact, the transformation into a holistic healthcare system is already happening now.

In a way, the work is not truly yours to do. The work is using us in its transformation, but we are a more significant part of a much larger picture, a much larger scope.

Lyn McCright

Through the Resilience Principles paradigm lens, the lives of all humanity on the planet will improve. Through nurse coaching and mentoring, we will have new conversations.

Those will be the important conversations that all of us will have going forward here.

Lyn McCright

The journey along the way will get us into alignment with the future of healthcare.

  • Reducing stress by quieting our minds
  • Connecting the dots of thoughts, feelings, and the life we live.
  • How lasting change is created
  • Allowing our natural state of health to emerge
  • Feeling alive and free in the midst of chaos
  • Nurse coaches are helping others experience this for themselves.

Sharing this feeling with the world around us through nurse coaching and the Resilience Principles Paradigm is changing the landscape of healthcare from sick care to thriving in any stage of our life.

Join us on this journey of Self-discovery, Insight, Living, & Loving every moment.

As we begin to see our thoughts creating our experience of life through the lens of the Resilience Principles, we have access to new thoughts that bring new questions and answers to light.

Going forward, there will never be a time when technology is unimportant; we have gone far into knowing about scientific advancements to leave that, but the perfect balance between art and science is the intersection where nursing is revealed.

Your mind is perfectly designed for success–it has a built-in capacity for insight and understanding.

When we insight-fully align with how life works and see this in our own life, we suddenly know how others work too.

We now have the eyes to see clearly, and our compassion for others is so much bigger when we can see that everyone in the world is experiencing their own thoughts, just like you.

At Advancing Holistic Health / Advancing Nurse Coaching, we teach individuals and coaches about a natural paradigm of human functioning – which anyone can have insight into – that effortlessly leads to deeper levels of mental health, resilience, and insightful thinking.

– Teresa Walding

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