About Nurse and Health Coaching

If you’re a healthcare provider seeking better ways to help people

If you’re frustrated with our medical system’s focus on sick care rather than health care…

If you’re ready to take control of your life and prioritize you and your family’s wellbeing…

Then becoming a Nurse or Health Coach is your next step.

What is a Nurse Coach? What is a Health Coach?

Professional Nurse Coaches:

  • Are Registered Nurses with additional training and expertise.
  • Follow evidence-based practice.
  • Help individuals and communities reach their full health potential.
  • Practice in all clinical and community settings, including critical care and private practice.
  • Help patients navigate chronic conditions, illness, aging, health maintenance, and more.
  • Are Board Certified by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC).

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Health Coaching Certificates for Healthcare Professionals

All healthcare providers seeking to incorporate holistic health tenets and coaching skills into their clinical practice are welcome participants in Advancing Nurse Coaching’s Certificate. We’ve had physicians, psychologists, and others greatly benefit from the course teachings over the years. An interdisciplinary cohort enhances the experience for all. 

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Through Advancing Nurse Coaching’s premiere holistic coaching program, nurses and health professionals will be prepared to sit for both Nurse Coaching and Holistic Nursing certification exams, offered nationally and internationally by the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation (AHNCC).

From the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation

Nurse Coaching was developed to meet the demands in healthcare reform and is based in the precepts of Holistic Nursing. Specifically, Nurse Coaching is a structured client-centered process with the client as director and the nurse as the facilitator of the client’s self-directed goals, implemented within a contracted period of time.”


As instruments of healing, holistic nurses believe that they must partner with their clients, honor a client’s worldview, and prepare themselves to enter into a caring-healing relationship. Fundamental to each client interaction is self-awareness, centering, and setting an intent to facilitate healing and/or growth for the client.”


Fully Accredited Courses & Online RN Continuing Education

Our signature 4-course program,
Healing the Whole Person, is:

Evidence-based, with statistical analysis on course results completed by Baylor University. Students who train with us find greater resilience and mental wellbeing.

Fully certified with the California Board for Registered Nursing for 80 RN Continuing Education Credits

An approved program for certification/recertification as a Holistic Nurse and/or Nurse Coach

100% online and self-paced


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Resilience Principles: the New Paradigm

As an Advancing Nurse Coaching nurse/health coaching student, you’ll learn the principles of human psychological functioning though the Resilience Paradigm. This groundbreaking advancement in health care was developed by Keith Blevens, PhD and Valda Monroe.

The Resilience Paradigm is a foundational model for: 

1 Living in the present 

2Learning through logic and insight 

3Realizing you and your patients’ inherent capacity for wellbeing

4Awareness of  the innate resilience within us all

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“Understanding this paradigm is the key to our resiliency, every one of us. Seeing how I experience each moment allows me to be naturally more present in my practice as well as in my work and personal relationships. I am given an opportunity over and over again to feel life in its entirety without being afraid of my experience. Knowing this for myself transfers over to the care I give my patients. I can have fun and be genuine in my practice.”

Healing the Whole Person student testimonial 

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