Learn more about how Advancing Nurse Coaching can benefit your life and career by exploring a sample of our articles and podcasts featuring faculty:

Lyn McCright and Teresa Walding.

Introduction Video, Part 1

“The American Nurses Association says that the average patient stay is only 4.5 hrs, and that nursing is actually moving out into the community and away from the institutions, and we are expecting to see that change in a very short period of time. Coaching will be that change. I totally see this as the answer. For me,  interfacing with clients directly is going to bring the joy of nursing back to the profession.” – Lyn McCright, Advancing Nurse Coaching owner & Board Certified Nurse Coach and Holistic Nurse

Introduction Video, Part 2

“Lyn taught me that insight is the only way to do nursing. It allows us to become who we really are. It allows us to be compassionate with our patients, and I just can’t thank her enough. It’s one of those situations where you think you know everything there is to know about nursing, because you’ve done it for so many years, and suddenly you realize there’s a new way to do it. And there’s a way to connect with the patient, with your coworkers, in a way that is conducive to healing. And it allows us to teach what we need to know to live our life with ease.” – Teresa Walding Advancing Nurse Coaching Faculty Member & Board Certified Nurse Coach

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How the Power of Thought Impacts Your Nursing Career: EPS 102

What do you think about when you think about your nursing career? This next guest introduces us to just how significant the power of thought can be as we shift through the profession of nursing.

A few take aways from our interview with Lyn include:
  • How realizing that you have the power can impact your nursing career;
  • Why the very worst part of your nursing career can turn into the very best;
  • And what living in the moment can do for your nursing career success!

How Does Building Nurse Resilience Move the Needle in Healthcare? | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 259

On episode 259 of The Nurse Keith Show, Keith interviews Lyn McCright and Teresa Walding — two expert nurse coaches, healthcare consultants, and nurse thought leaders — regarding the power of resilience.

Nurse Coaching on The Nursepreneur Podcast With Catie Harris

Lyn McCright and Teresa Walding started Advancing Holistic Health, a nurse coaching certification program. It’s a global program that spans across 3 continents under the framework of resilience. Lyn states the concept of nurse coaching is vital to our professional existence.

The Newest Thing in Nursing: Certified Coaching- Hosted by Leanne Meier, BSN, RN

We all know Nursing is changing by the minute, but did you know Nursing is the first and only profession to offer professional board certification in coaching? My Guests today, Lyn McCright is among the pioneers in this emerging profession. Teresa Walding is a Director and Faculty for the program and Amy Hoeschler, is a student…

The “THR” Podcast with Barbie Picciano – Episode #8: Guests Teresa Walding and Lyn McCright

Transparent Holistic Revolution with Barbie Picciano Caranci – Episode #9: Guests Teresa Walding and Lyn McCright

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