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Gain Ease & Confidence with the Premier School of Nurse Coaching

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Our courses are the first step to becoming a certified Holistic Nurse & Health Coach…and beyond:

Imagine a clear mind. More creativity. A daily sense of purpose in your work.

Imagine less stress. More productivity. Confidence in your decisions.

Imagine life with less self-judgement. More compassion. Deeper self-knowledge.

All this—and so much more—is possible as a student of Advancing Holistic Health.

You already have the innate wisdom—the insight—you need to improve your life and become a better nurse nearly instantly. Our signature 4-course series, based on the groundbreaking research of Keith Blevens, PhD and Valda Monroe, guides you through the principles of resilience and the power of thought to truly transformative results.

Healing the Whole Person 4-Course Series 





  • 14.5 hours of self-paced video lessons per course
  • 3 live coaching calls via Zoom
  • 2 faculty coaching sessions per course
  • 4 hours of peer coaching with a fellow student


Total Contact Hours *

Upon completion of courses 101-103, students are eligible to become nationally certified Holistic Nurses and/or Nurse Coaches. Upon completion of courses 101-104, students earn the Advancing Nurse Coaching certificate.

*60 hours are required for both Nurse Coach and Holistic Nurse board certification.  

**If you’re interested in only obtaining your Holistic Health Coaching Certification then you may optionally enroll in only courses 101 – 103.**

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Certification & Continuing Education

Continuing Education

The 4-course series is fully certified with the California Board for Registered Nursing for 80 RN Continuing Education Credits. Students should confirm eligibility for CEs with their state’s nursing board.

Holistic Nurse
Certification Requirements:

3 courses, 60 contact hours, and 60 hours of coaching to sit for the national board certification as a Nurse Coach through AHNCC. The 4th course is highly recommended.

Nurse Coach
Certification Requirements:

4 courses, 80 contact hours, and 60 hours of coaching to sit for the national board certification as a Nurse Coach through AHNCC.

What Makes Advancing Nurse Coaching Different 

1. Experience.

Open since 2016, Advancing Nurse Coaching is the premiere nurse coaching program available. Our faculty has over 60 years of combined experience in peer and nurse coaching, and with deep roots in academic and clinical settings, our curriculum has been clinically validated.

2. Experiential-learning curriculum.

This means no homework for students, because our coursework is based entirely on insight-based learning. No busywork or research assignments …just material directly relevant and immediately applicable to your work and your life. 

3. Life-changing ideas.

The ANC course series prepares you to become an excellent Nurse Coach or Holistic Nurse—and it’s so much more than that. The Resilience Principles as the new paradigm are a mental framework for life well beyond clinical settings, and our past students regularly share how the course changed their personal lives and relationships in positive ways.

Course Testimonials

This training is the foundation for a whole paradigm shift in the medical field. It’s a wave of the future, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

My life is vastly improved. I took people’s pain and suffering home. I could’ve done better with helping people tune into their physical AND psychological well-being. Thanks, AHH!”

There’s a new paradigm for helping people and that’s very exciting to me. Personally, it has helped me to have a greater peace and confidence in working with people in a helping capacity.”

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