Nurse Coaching 2022 Review

Where did go, and what did we do in ‘22?  First, how do you like our new name?  Advancing Holistic Health, our legal entity, is doing business as Advancing Nurse Coaching | Executive Nurse Coaching | Now in our 6th year, we are So grateful to be here now, working in the profession … Read more

Nurse Coaching and The Resilience Principles Paradigm

Nurse coaches using the Resilience Principles Paradigm are looking in the direction of Innate Health and mental well-being. Taught through a framework of 7 Implication, 3 Principles, and 1 Paradigm gives us the simplicity to point to the foundation of human experience. We can count on this framework like gravity; it doesn’t change even when … Read more

Thank You painted on fence

Nurses: Thank You!!!

During this pandemic, America’s 3.8 million registered nurses positively impacted the United States Health Care system during a time of crisis. Nurses play a crucial role in delivering reliable, quality care every day in healthcare facilities across the country. Every day of the year, hospitals and healthcare agencies, patients, families, and neighborhoods greatly value the … Read more