Dementia Care

Transforming the Landscape of Dementia Care: The TDI Model The dementia care sector is undergoing a seismic shift. The Transactional Dementia Intelligence SM or TDI Model SM has arrived as a revolutionary new paradigm centered on compassion, communication, and cultural transformation. Is your organization ready to catch this wave and ride it into the future? … Read more

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Written by Author: Teresa Walding Nurse Coaching Outside the Box In the world of healthcare, where compassion, empathy, and a deep understanding of the human experience are paramount, nurses stand at the forefront of patient care. Their roles extend far beyond administering medications and taking vital signs; they are healers, advocates, and pillars of support … Read more

The Hidden Path to Harmony

Written by Author: Teresa Walding The Hidden Path to Harmony: A Nurse’s Journey Within In life’s intricate tapestry, there’s a concealed thread we call “harmony.” It’s a thread with remarkable potential to transform our health and healing journey. This odyssey is illuminated by timeless life Principles: Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Like a grand orchestra, life … Read more

Unlocking the Wisdom Within

Advancing Nurse Coaching Staff: Lyn McCright & Teresa Walding

Welcome to “Unlocking the Wisdom Within – The Neutral Powers of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought for Nurses!” In the dynamic world of healthcare, where every decision and action can profoundly impact patients’ lives, it is essential for nurses to tap into their innate wisdom and insight. In this blog, we are exploring how unlocking the … Read more

The Secret

Is there a secret to living a better life? Yes! There is a secret to living life with more ease! At Advancing Nurse Coaching we build our courses on coaching fundamentals for nurses & health practitioners and more importantly we teach how our perspectives and our thoughts influence our lives. These powerful insights are truly … Read more

The Dandelion Effect

The Dandelion Effect I am like the dandelion, a wildflower that has deep roots. I am a bright spot in the field of dreams. I thrive where other flowers do not.  Growing and changing, teaching all who will listen.  I love to impart knowledge about how to live from the inside-out.  I love to help … Read more

Nurse Coaching 2022 Review

Where did go, and what did we do in ‘22?  First, how do you like our new name?  Advancing Holistic Health, our legal entity, is doing business as Advancing Nurse Coaching | Executive Nurse Coaching | Now in our 6th year, we are So grateful to be here now, working in the profession … Read more

The Gift of Coaching

Happy Holidays! Many of us look forward to this time of year as a time to slow down and appreciate each other. A time of connection, making memories, and expressions of love and gratitude. Here at Advancing Nurse Coaching, we have been on a journey of discovery and transformation. Through our coursework, we have had … Read more