Play Like a Kid

Written by Author: Joel Drazner (view LinkedIn profile)

How to Have the Freedom to Play Like a Kid Again!

What if the only thing standing in the way of our enjoyment of the game was the illusion of what we believe creates success in the first place?  It is only the illusion of our beliefs which can seemingly separate us from the truth that we already have everything we need to enjoy the game, and our lives.

Nothing about your happiness comes from the game.  You are standing on a foundation of happiness.

Perhaps exposing what is not true is easier than trying to describe what is:

What if it were pure myth that our feelings are affected by external factors.

Myth that success is based on consistency.

Myth that one mindset is better than another.

Why do we think we can overcome doubts, become masters of ball flight, golf swing, or emotions?

 How did we begin to think that hard work was the key to success?

 Or that we had to be in conscious control of the learning process?

That there is something better than where we are now?

Access to accurate information speeds up the learning process.

Why would we let illusions prevent us from loving our sport 100 % of the time?

Perhaps there is a flaw in the idea that we always have to think about that we are doing, and how we are doing it.

Your capacity to enjoy the game, be fulfilled, content and productive do not depend on external circumstances.

Simplify rather than complicate. Reveal the facts, do not obscure them.

We become attached to how thigs should look so we can be happy. People erroneously prefer beliefs to direct experience.

Did you know that the same insights and perspectives that we bring to health coaching apply to high performance in sports, business, relationships and all other areas of life?

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