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A Breath Of Fresh Air

Written by Author: Teresa Walding Nurse Coaching Outside the Box In the world of healthcare, where compassion, empathy, and a deep understanding of the human experience are paramount, nurses stand at the forefront of patient care. Their roles extend far beyond administering medications and taking vital signs; they are healers, advocates, and pillars of support … Read more

The Hidden Path to Harmony

Written by Author: Teresa Walding The Hidden Path to Harmony: A Nurse’s Journey Within In life’s intricate tapestry, there’s a concealed thread we call “harmony.” It’s a thread with remarkable potential to transform our health and healing journey. This odyssey is illuminated by timeless life Principles: Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Like a grand orchestra, life … Read more

Unlocking the Wisdom Within

Advancing Nurse Coaching Staff: Lyn McCright & Teresa Walding

Welcome to “Unlocking the Wisdom Within – The Neutral Powers of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought for Nurses!” In the dynamic world of healthcare, where every decision and action can profoundly impact patients’ lives, it is essential for nurses to tap into their innate wisdom and insight. In this blog, we are exploring how unlocking the … Read more

Lyn McCright & Teresa Walding at the Caring Entrepreneurs Event

Advancing Nurse Coaching Staff: Lyn McCright & Teresa Walding

In this event, nurse entrepreneurs Lynn McWright and Teresa Walding, join Sharon Burch to share their experiences and tips on how to grow a successful business. Lyn and Teresa have created a thriving online education coaching program for nurses and other health professionals. Lynn is an internationally known thought leader in nurse coaching, holistic nursing, … Read more

Nurse Coaching and The Resilience Principles Paradigm

Nurse coaches using the Resilience Principles Paradigm are looking in the direction of Innate Health and mental well-being. Taught through a framework of 7 Implication, 3 Principles, and 1 Paradigm gives us the simplicity to point to the foundation of human experience. We can count on this framework like gravity; it doesn’t change even when … Read more

Dancing in the Moment

woman dancing

What the Resilience Principles Paradigm Does for Us Your mind is perfectly designed for success – It has a built-in capacity for Insight & Understanding. They bring a sense of purpose and direction Effectiveness and efficiency An increased capacity to articulate insights Increased state of awareness The capacity to feel joy, confidence, and wellbeing Increased … Read more