The Dandelion Effect

The Dandelion Effect

I am like the dandelion, a wildflower that has deep roots.

I am a bright spot in the field of dreams.

I thrive where other flowers do not. 

Growing and changing, teaching all who will listen

I love to impart knowledge about how to live from the inside-out

I love to help people become their own teacher first so that they can help others.  

Then, when the time is right, release them to go out and experience life from the inside-out for themselves. 

Then they can share what they have seen for themselves with others to create their own seeds that flow out into the world. 

They will then be planted on new ground to continue the cycle of sharing the Resilience Principles with others in their own way.

Sowing the seeds of wellness for ALL.

In this way, the Resilience Principles will reach all of humanity. 

~ By Teresa Walding –

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